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Canon 12x36 IS II Binoculars

Canon 12x36 IS II Binoculars

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Canon 12x36 IS II Binoculars

Canon 12x36 IS II BinocularsCanon 12x36 IS II Binoculars

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With surprisingly compact design and low weight, the Canon 12x36 IS II binoculars contain awesome power.

Distant objects jump into view with intensity and clarity. Image Stabilization puts an end to shaky images, with subjects appearing solid and steady.

Canon 12 x 36 Little Powerhouse Binoculars The first surprise with Canon's Binoculars 12x36 IS II is just how much power is compressed into this compact pair of precision optics. Distant and barely visible objects jump suddenly to view with intensity and clarity.

Steadying influence with the Canon 12x36 IS II Binoculars
The second surprise is how remarkably steady objects appear. Canon's Image Stabilization (IS) technology is so effective, it will seem as if your binoculars are fixed to a sturdy support. Within two thousandths of a second of being shaken off the optical axis by vibrations, the IS mechanism swings into action to correct the incoming light path by precisely the right amount, effectively eliminating hand shake and delivering a steady image. Your binoculars can even be used for viewing from a moving vehicle. The super efficient IS system gives you 4 hours of continuous use off a single set of batteries.

Canon 12x36 2 Beautiful design Nature lovers will appreciate the low-reflectance exterior and low gloss front covers, which help avoid disturbing birds and other wildlife. The large IS button at the top and centre of the binoculars is easily accessible by a finger from either hand, as is the large focusing knob, which has a reassuringly smooth action. Durable, large rubber covers over the entire objective lens assemblies provide impact resistance. The eyepieces have large rubber eyecups for comfortable, easy viewing.

Canon 12x36 Binocs Wide view, flat field
Canon has achieved a generous 60 apparent field of view, allowing users to see more of viewed subjects. Canon's Doublet Field Flattener lenses deliver beautiful, flat, distortion free images. Long eye relief permits users to see the full field of view from up to 14.5mm from the eyepiece lens, ideal for sunglass or prescription glass wearers.

Canon 12 36 Precision Optics The binoculars draw on Canon's 70 years experience in precision optics and lens development to deliver high resolution, bright images. Canon's Super Spectra lens coatings deliver vivid, high contrast images with accurate colour balance, eliminating unwanted internal reflections that cause 'flare' and image 'wash out'.

Canon 12 x 36 IS II features

- Powerful 12x magnification
- Image Stabilizer for stable view
- Lightweight and compact
- Long 14.5mm eye-relief
- Doublet Field Flattener for even images
- Long battery life - 4 hour continuous operation
- Easy-to-grip curved surfaces
- Only lead-free glass used

The Canon 12 x 36 binoculars include:
- Case
- Strap
- Size AA alkaline batteries

The Canon 12x36 IS II Binoculars is supplied by KamKorda at www.kamkorda.com. KamKorda reviews have suggested this is a great product and we have therefore chosen to list this as one of our lines. We are dedicated to supplying a first class service to our customers and welcome Canon 12x36 IS II Binoculars product reviews from our customers and KamKorda reviews of our service performance.